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Per, I've been practicing the F chord, with the A and B strings barred at fret 1, 2nd finger on the G string at fret 2, 3rd finger on the A string at fret 3, and fourth finger on the D string at fret 3.

By accident I did the above, but with the first finger on the B string at fret 1, and the high E string open. It sounded like a pleasant minor chord, but I can't seem to find it on a chart.

Any idea what it might be?
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Please tab it out, because it's so confusing trying to follow your text.
I believe you mean you bar the E and B string on the 1st fret though, otherwise you're barring the A string on the 1st fret, and then fretting it on the 3rd as well.

Is this the chord you're talking about?


Which you changed to this?


I'd put it as a Fmaj7/C then.
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Proving that sometimes it's cool, after you practice your actual chord, to move some fingers around and see what else is in the neighborhood! (especially your pinky)