I'm the vocalist/emcee of a hip-hop fusion band.

And let me go ahead and nip it in the bud, no, we don't sound like Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit.


Check our single out. Interested in what some rock heads think of it.
Too funny.

Hyro da Hero you are not.

The actual singing was good, but the instrument harmony behind it is dull as balls. But I feel that linking yourself to being anything like a rock or metal band isn't the best idea. Mostly cuz its too upbeat, too happy, lack of real focus to subject matter that'd fit the music style. Your vocal flow works and so does the energy behind it, but your vocal tone isn't that expressive.

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Never understood why the UG forum replies normally start with an insult or snide remark.

I appreciate the criticism otherwise though.

We in no way link ourselves to being a rock or metal band, either...so...yeah.
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Hello, Denton!

Alright! A little white boy rap! I like it!

0:45 - I like the singing break (Chorus) here...

"Praying to the Gods of metal, save me
When I was a rock and roller baby"

I enjoy the direction, but would personally like the lyrics and music to be a little more edgy -

Keep playing and recording!


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