More of a vocals problem IMO. I understand that you have a punk vocals type thing going on, but that really just doesn't match the strings in background. At least for me. I think if you sort that out then this would sell like hot-cakes. But no lie, good guitar work.
I don't mind your stuff at all dude. I kind of see what your saying (i think) but it doesn't bother me.....I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to try some different sounds to your voice....but you are for sure headed in the right direction. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the input guys! I started out in a hardcore punk band, so I'm trying to break that, but sometimes, it's just old habit. As far as fixing the vocals, would you say my voice is too like... nasaly? Or rough? I guess what I'm asking is what in your opinion would make it better?

Thanks so much for taking the time to listen to it and give me criticism! I'm glad to know at least my lyrics aren't terrible haha
yeh man it definately shows that you've done hardcore.

I'm not a singer myself, so technique wise I can't really help you. If it's realistic, then maybe getting a proper teacher may be your best bet. Of course that means time xD I'll let those more qualified give ideas about singing.

You've got some solid stuff, so keep it up.
^ Haha thanks for the advice dude! I know I need to get some better technique, I'm still trying to find my place as a singer songwriter :-)
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I just released my second EP, and I was really stoked on these songs. It's gotten pretty good feedback, but one thing I've seen people say a lot to me is that my lyrics are too harsh or not subtle for the music. I'd like some opinions from people I don't know.