Hello everyone , I've been writing for about a month or so.At first it was a bit hard for me but lately , when I relax in my room with no music no nothing I come up with ideas.I keep writing pages and pages.Sometimes the lyrics dont make sense but I generally write whatever comes to my mind and fits the previous sentence.Most times I make rhymes too.I know that songwriting is like a new instrument and needs practise.I believe that it is a wonderful way to express yourself and through music too.I have also noticed that since I've realized this thing I've been open to new ideas and stuff.Any tips?Should I go on like that?
If I wrote what was on my mind, the paper would have only scribbles of undecipherable jumbles. You have to be a wee bit of a sell out. It has to make sense. So think about a topic you'd like to write about, and make sure your words make sense. Maybe you can give us a sample so we can better analyses your weaknesses and patch em up.
what i mean is that the sentence does make sense by itself but sometimes it doesnt fit with the previous ones...

here are some lyrics...

The dreams are glowing under the moon
until I see your eyes
where the mind meets the size
crammed with thoughts
this mind is so close
to find a way out of your source
I cut myself out
no one's left to shout
away from you forever away
when nothing is left to say
and do my best to obey
In your stretched hands I lay
forever away
forever away
Several problems there. Barely any flow, cheesy metaphors that don't work, forced rhythms, nonsensical lines ('where the mind meets the size'?) Logical fallacies(How can you be in one's hands but be forever away?). Nothing we haven't seen before. Not being a dick, but I'm sure others will tell you the same. Maybe it's better for you to express yourself through an instrument.
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