Maybe one of my best works for now. I used a lot of choir and orchestra parts to give more atmpsphere to the song. Also, some acoustic parts. Hope you will like it.
So tell me what do you think. ( of course C4C)
Fallen in grief.gp5
Fallen in grief.mid
Epic as always man. The chords fit the song a lot better.

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wow, I think it's a good song...

the chord usage, along with the orchestration really bring the depressing atmosphere. And I also like the piano part at the end of the song

but, IMO, I think the whole song is just too long...

overall, keep up the good work, 8/10


Hey, loved the interlude III!
Interlude II has potencial but some chords change too abruptly I think.
The solo also needs work, does not feel as epic as the rest of the song.
And the piano outro, instead of finishing it in a Am chord maybe just fade it away?
Overall very good for a funeral doom song!