This is the tab I'm using: http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/j/jimi_hendrix/little_wing_tab.htm

I can't seem to get past the intro. It's taken me forever to figure out what I have down, and I'm hearing people say that it's not that hard and should take less than an hour. But I've been working on this since summer.

I play a little too harshly in this video, but in general, you can see where I run into trouble. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDTeawlBhYw

Any advice?
I'm pretty set on learning this song. And I've been playing for about 4 years on and off. I don't think the issue is that I'm not good enough, I've learned harder songs than this. Not really in the same style (metal and acoustic) but in general, picking up on the mechanics of the song shouldn't be the issue.
Practicer longer, harder, slower. Look at covers online, use Songsterr (Pretty good for tabs, like a Guitar Pro/Tux Guitar but online and free)
If you can't play something then there could well be technique issues related to your skill level.

That being said, from what I see from that video you do have the ability but there just seems to be some issues that you aren't addressing.

From what I can see you're not getting to the notes in time, and seem quite tense and these two things can go hand in hand.

You need to slow it down. Get a metronome, or even better, download the song, open it in reaper and decrease the speed to a point where you can play it clean and in time with the metronome or song. This will enable you to develop the muscle memory needed for your fingers to get to the right position.

The pulloffs seem forced. You need to be more relaxed so again, you need to slow it down. Plus they aren't actually in time with the song on most occasions.

So, to recap. I think you can play it, when I was reading it I was expecting a sloppy, unclean mess, I'm not getting that from the video, maybe the sound is in your favour but yea, seems okay.

You seem very tense. Slow it down so you can play it with no tension.

Slow it down so you can actually play the song in time relative to the song.

When you can play it flawlessly speed it up. You'll get it quickly I'm sure.

I spent ages the other day reading tab from a sheet as I decided that I wanted to learn the Hotel California solo, it's not hard at all and I got all of it quickly, but this one lick just had me for ages. I had to slow it right down and just look at it and play each note one at a time, it was really easy but sometimes some stuff, for whatever reason just works against every way our brain functions, but if you stick at it, you'll get it.

Plus, learning Little Wing in an hour would be a feat unless you're amazing and have studied Hendrix your whole life. A few hours yea, or even a day, whatever, but 1 seems a little quick and you'll get it when you get it. Don't beat yourself up about it man.
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With Jimi, you really need to capture the essence of his playing. You can only do that with good feel.

Listen to the song A LOT. Try and replicate the sections where he adds swing. As you're probably aware, Jimi was self taught and couldn't read music...

... he just had amazing feel.
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I made the mistake of not slowing down and relaxing for months early on. It really held me back to say the least--kept my technique development at a stand still really

Yes, all you can do is keep at it, but find a balance. Alternate practicing at a speed where you can reproduce the song or particular arrangement perfectly with practicing at the speed the song or arrangement is meant to be played at.

Relax, find your balance, and you shall indeed rock on!

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