I got a new kit for Xmas and have been playing around a bunch already. I have prior experience, so I'm pretty good already. I'm already looking to expand my kit. It has 6 drums and 3 cymbals, 14" hat, 16" crash, and 20" ride.

What's the first piece I should look at? I play all kinds of rock music, but mostly prog metal and hard rock (like Chevelle and Alien Ant Farm). I was looking at this nice 17" Sabian Holy China at Guitar Center, but I also kind of wanted a tambourine. Then there's always a fast crash.

you see my dilemma.
I'd probably go for a 2nd crash first, since this will allow you to ride on a crash open handed (much more comfortable than cross-handed IMO). However, if your current ride crashes fairly well, I'd personally look for a china (and would recommend the Sabian AAX-treme china 19").

However, what you add is all down to personal preference. Look at the music you're going to play on your kit, and identify what is the most used part of that that you don't already have.
Kit feels incomplete to me if it has less than 2 crashes, so I'd recommend getting another one. That Sabian china is brutal, but you probably don't need it for playing stuff like the bands you mentioned haha, a harsh sound like that is more suited for metal/hardcore styles, but eh, it's your money... so tl;dr, yeah, would recommend a crash.
Get a china first then either another crash or a splash cymbal.
If you play prog metal depending on if its like Periphery or Animals as Leaders type stuff you'll need that china cymbal
You need an 18" crash Z rock custom to be exact
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Quote by Steve08
Kit feels incomplete to me if it has less than 2 crashes, so I'd recommend getting another one.

+1 to this.

Plus, if you're as picky as me, finding a china that works well with your other cymbals is going to be a pain. I went through like 15 before settling on an 18" HHX and still not 100% satisfied
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