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So, I'm buying either an LTD EC-1000 or a PRS SE Custom 24 within the next month or so.

I'm not entirely sure how the necks compare - I own three LTDs already, so I know I like those, but I'm not sure what the PRS Wide-Thin profile is like.

How does it compare to the EC-1000's Thin U?
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The Wide Thin and Thin U are more or less the same, to my hands. I can't say I've ever measured them, but I've felt that the Wide Thin's nut is just a fraction wider than the LTD neck; for most of the neck though, they're the same. The only major difference I've noticed is that on 25.5" scale guitars, ESP's neck tends to have a very slightly flatter—but not thinner—profile, while their 24.75" ones stick to a more normal, evenly curved shape. As the EC-1000 is a 24.75", you shouldn't notice any particular difference between that and the PRS neck.

Only thing I would say you pay attention to is that the fret wire is slightly different (both slightly wider and taller on the LTD) and this, combined with that .25" scale difference, can feel very subtly different, even though the neck contours and radius are virtually identical. The PRS' neck can feel ''faster'' if you have slightly larger hands, due to that fraction extra space.
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