first, my guitar is Ibanez GRG150 with a tremolo without a floyd rose locking system

I was always tuning to E flat but a I tried last week to tune to E(normal tuning) but I broke the high E string I restrung the E again and It broke again,so now I have a problem tuning to normal tuning,
do I need a setup or something else, if it's setup what kind of setup, I mean what part of my guitar should I be working on? maybe the truss rod?
It's probably not a problem with the setup, but rather with the parts of the guitar. Check the contact points (tuning head, nut, bridge saddle) for sharp edges.
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What string gauges are you using? You should check the action and then intonation.

Not sure how string height and length have anything to do with breaking it...

I'm with kemingt - if the string is breaking from the nut, you probably have a hardware issue there (or you're just tightening the locks more than necessary, the lock should gently press the string and allow it to vibrate, NOT be biting down into it)
if it's breaking down at the bridge, again, probably bad hardware.

A semi-tone of extra tension shouldn't make that big of a difference...

If you inspect it and can't see anything obvious I would take it in for a setup and tell him what's happening. You might need to do this anyway if you don't have files and know how to fix it. The $$ you spend on a technician might be a lot less than burning through a bunch of strings...

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