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I was browsing through ebay and some of the prices are really attractive honestly. So I have a few questions regarding these pedals. First of how do I know if the pedals I get will work (as in not faulty) ? And also, will the pedals work in where I live? I live in Singapore and to my understanding not all countries have the same power supply in their homes. So will my power supply work? Thanks to all who's reading this.
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Most pedals run on 9 volts. (notice I said most) And most pedals take a 9 volt battery or a wall AC adapter. As long as your supplying the pedal it's needed 9 volts/ect. it will work. you can get adapters for 9 volts in any country that I have heard of.

If you have a power suply you will probably be just fine, but do make sure that your suppy has the same polarity as what the pedal takes ( Center negitive or Center positive)
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You cant guarantee it will work, but if they say on the listing that the pedal works and it doesn't you can file a complaint with ebay to get it returned and your money back.
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The seller should provide an accurate description of the item s/he is selling. If it doesn't work, they have to include that.

I've bought through eBay loads of times, and never found it to be a problem. At the end of the day, if you receive something that isn't as described, you simply escallate the issue through ebay's complaints procedures to return the item and get a full refund. ebay always favours the buyer in any dispute, so you're pretty much guaranteed to get your money back on the rare occasions where it doesn't all go to plan.
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95% of my extensive pedal board is from ebay. I've only ever had 1 problem with a pedal that didnt work and the seller replaced it.