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Hey guys, I recently discovered an '80s metal band called Witchfinder General and I must say they sounds great! They sounds a lot like early Sabbath. It is obvious that Sabbath is a major influence. You can feel their presence in their stuff. They are an early doom metal band. They only released two albums in the 1980s and one in '07. It's a shame they were never quite known. They are very underrated. I also found a band called Grim Reaper who was sadly not very known. I like these bands a lot and I enjoy listening to their stuff. It's great and I was just wondering if any of you guys out there know of any more bands in the '70s and '80s that never got the exposure that they deserve.
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Recommendation thread in the Metal forum.

Also, Manilla Road.
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Check out:

Captain Beyond - s/t
Buffalo - Volcanic Rock
Iron Claw - s/t
Satan - Court in the Act
Angel Witch - st
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the early 80's especially is filled with great but criminally underrated bands, check these 2 out if you want, I'll definitley checkout witch-hunter general and grim reaper when I get home I gotta a class to run too lol
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I loved Kreator when I was a young lad.
Extreme Aggression was a great early trash metal album, also loved Among The Living album by Anthrax.
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I've really only heard of like 2 of the bands you all mentioned. Thanks loads guys. A lot of these bands really are awesome. I wonder why they were never big. I guess some were too Satanic?
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