Hi guys - I'm looking to shift my Line 6 M13. I'll throw in my M-Audio Uno for downloading and managing updates from your computer, as well as a Roland EV5 expression pedal.

The M13 is in good condition, with the odd scratch and scrape (notably in the top left corner, will post photos on request) - but cosmetics aside, it's in full working order. The M-Audio Uno is practically in new condition, having been used only once to update the M13 to latest software. The EV5 is very much aged and is not in the best condition - it's suitable for experimenting and home use, but if you're serious about gigging with an expression pedal I'd probably look into getting a new unit from somewhere.


M13 - 1 / 2
M-Audio Uno
Roland EV5

I'm open to cash offers, please send me a PM if you're interested. Postage to the UK only.

Trades I'm interested in;
Strymon Timeline, straight swap
RMC Wah of some kind + cash