A little about the band: We're a Prog-Metal band from the GTA and surrounding areas (Toronto, Whitby/Oshawa & Bowmanville) and we have been looking for a vocalist for a long time now. I started this band maybe 2 years ago, so it's been about that long that I've been trying to find a vocalist for the band. Our full lineup has been together for roughly 6 months or so.
What we are looking for: a clean vocalist to complete our lineup. We're looking fr someone to help write/complete the songs with, and eventually record a demo and play shows.
To give you all an idea of where we are at right now: we now have 5 songs completed for all instruments, a couple songs that are just bass, one that's missing the bass and close to 30 songs that are just guitar and about 10-20 more that are just lyrics.

If you're interested send an email to fifty-firstaria@hotmail.com