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Hey guitar and music fans! I've been working on a solo project called "Death of Hearts". My first independent album is available to listen to. All of it was written, performed, recorded, and edited by me personally with the exception of the backup vocals on a single song (my wife helped out a little). If you'd like to check it out, the songs are available to listen to here on Ultimate Guitar.

My personal favorites are "Too Far" and "Out Indefinitely". If you don't want to spend a whole lot of time listening to all of them, then check these out. My sound was heavily influenced by a variety of bands from Pink Floyd to Megadeth, with grunge bands such as Alice in Chains being the biggest influence.

If you want to see lyrics, or even download a song or two, go to my page on ReverbNation. Songs can be played there as well.

If you like it, please like my facebook page as well. I would really appreciate it. Any support, even moral will help keep me motivated to create more, and spend more time polishing new material.!/rpe.deathofhearts
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Hey man, good to see another grunge fan that's not just sticking to the orthodoxy. I'll give it a listen.