Hey so most recently our Rhythm Guitarist left (and due to the friendship between them) the Clean Vocalist took off with her. So here I am searching for;

Guitarist (can discuss Lead & Rhythm)
Clean Vocalist

I know there's a lot to ask for, but even if we can get one person then it's a start, right? :P

We'd really like if you were close for practice (anywhere close or accessible to Pitsea or Grays) just message the band page for more info


Also, you don't need to know a ton about Guitar theory etc (I don't) that can come at a later date, for now we just want some people to jam with and have fun
Sounds legit. I know barely anything about guitar theories, just the basics, however I can play. I'm not brilliant at clean vocals but can give it a shot, I prefer going for screamo/metal vox, but as it's not my band I don't choose.
Just a bit of background info-
19(20 in August)
South London, Croydon

Hope to hear back.