I think I'm finally starting to have stage presence. After a few years of being stage shy I'm slowly starting to feel much more comfortable on stage while playing with a band. As a result I think my stage presence is getting better. But I'm really not sure.

Here is a video of me recently playing with a band at our school talent show. If you could check it out and give me some pointers as to what I'm doing right and maybe some ideas as to what else I could do. Thanks for all the Feed back it's greatly appreciated.

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More interation with the audience i guess... Less looking at the fretboard, and just let the music flow and worry not about the looks. But don't do it like me, that get's totally drunk and mess with the set http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPVG4UYsO1k lol
just make people feel you're talking to them in some way
You're doing 10x better than the vocalist at least.

As mentioned above, more interaction. You're just kinda walking back and forth.
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Move to different places if possible, you were kinda back and forth around the same spot which is tons better than nothing but still not great. Jumping is good if the song suits it, and as mentioned audience interaction is a great thing too.

Also, not related to you but if you have a dedicated singer he should be moving, a lot. He spent way too much time stuck to a mic stand and when he moved he moved to another spot and stayed there for a while. The only time a singer should be stuck in one place is if s/he is a singer/something else and has to hold an instrument in their hands.
Better presence than other members of your band, but, in general, it's still "shy"- style.
Look up! And consider a haircut, older you will thank me. You can't connect with people who can't see your face.
Singer is dreadful haha first thing I noticed sorry pal.

Get into it. You're moving about but you looked bored. Put some bollocks into it. Whack the shite out of your guitar. Nod your head to the music. Put your lips like you're making an "ooh" shape. Go up to the bassist and grin. Look at your bandmates and laugh or something. EVERYBODY looks bored on that stage and it's boring to watch, plus the singer is abhorrent so I had to turn it off towards the end so I missed your solo.

This is RHCP doing it. Watch them bounce and move around. They look they're having fun. You sorry looking lot don't. Put some balls into it or people will walk out on you. And sack your singer, he's shit.

Yeah, your singer was pretty bad, however, onto you, I must say, you do still make me think of the average secondary school guitarist, you had a massive stage to fill, and the bass player was doing nothing, so I understand it's nerve wracking to be the only one doing something. To echo what I once heard a lecturer say to a student, consider a different hairstyle, you can keep it long (mine is much longer than yours, I must admit!), however I often put it behind my ears when performing and part it left and right. Not to turn this into a hair meeting, however, you'll look more presentable, you'll be able to engage with the audience more, and it'll just be a better show. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers don't sprint around the stage like, say, Iron Maiden, however, they mean every note they're knocking out, and that's where a lot of bands who cover songs fall.

You just have to get to a point where you don't care what others think, as a musician, you're not there to play music (yeah, I know), you're there to make someone feel something, and making them laugh, or smile is a powerful thing. I once saw a band called The Defiled live, and while they weren't my cup of tea musically, I'm definitely going to see them many, many times just to see the keyboardist's stage antics as they put a massive grin on my face! So very good luck for your next performance!
look out at the crowd is the big one. That's who you're playing to. You can jump around and spin, run off where ever, but your attention needs to come back to the front of the stage.

Also interact with each other on stage, you guys look so isolated.
Play the solo while looking at your imaginary watch.

All the cool guitarist do it.
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Honestly, you were all bad. You were the least bad at least. You have to look at the audience when you play, at least when you play rhytm. And just doing 3 steps back and forths is almost as bad as standing still. You need to have FUN on stage. You simply need to let loose. The best thing you can do is to practice the songs at home in your room, and just jump and thrash arouns as much as you want. Feel the music i guess. And when you go on stage, just do the same things you did in the privacy of your room. It will feel ridicolus, but after a couple of gigs, you wont give a damn anymore, and you will just have fun. And the audience will pick up on that, and have fun with you!
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.
Also try doing some basic rock out move's (ie the spinning, rocking your upper body forward and back Frusciante does this alot, lifting the guitar up during a solo ala Slash) in front of a mirror. Now this may sound weird, and yes it looks quite odd to other people should they see you, but the point is you can see what your doing to help build your stage presence.

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