Due to other priorities I'm selling my main axe, which is also hands down the best guitar I've ever played. The guitar plays great, stays in tune like a champ and the action is pretty low. The attention to detail and the craftsmanship is just immaculate. MIJ in 2007, I'm the first and only owner and I have taken very good care of it, 9.9/10 condition. Everything is stock and with the guitar I'm also including black Ernie Ball strap locks. Comes in the original ESP case which is built like a tank.

A new one on thomann.de is € 1849.
I'm asking for € 1399 or best offer.

Price drop: € 1299

The prices on these Standard series Horizons are going to skyrocket next year on the used market with the LTD Elite line replacing them. I would keep this, but I need the money unfortunately.
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I can't imagine you'd want to trade for an EC1000VB?

That's gorgeous :O

I'm just looking to sell at the moment, but thanks for the offer.
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I'm just looking to sell at the moment, but thanks for the offer.

It's cool. I didn't think you'd take it.. Seems an unfair deal. Don't get me wrong, the EC1000 is a great guitar..

But yours is just... Perfect
That's the reaction is get everywhere.
It's a pretty rare Horizon model I'd say, haven't seen this kind of flamed maple a lot, most seem to have a quilted version.
That is a great looking guitar. It would go well with my bass. If I had the money I'd get it.

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