I've been looking the past few months for a new guitar since I'm making a new band for fun mostly but I need a good metal guitar with tremolo and 24 frets.

In all my looking the I've taken a liking to Jackson and Ibanez guitars.But I haven't gotten the chance to try one for an extended period of time.I need a guitar that can give me great metal tone,comfort and reliability.

I'm also open for any other guitar brand suggestions.

I've looked most into this jackson: http://www.music123.com/guitars/jackson-slx-soloist-x-series-electric-guitar/h76638

And this Ibanez: http://www.music123.com/guitars/ibanez-rg350dx-electric-guitar

All suggestions are appreciated
2nd hand Ibanez Prestige.

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+1 to Tom.
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I like Ibanez but I wouldn't get one with an Edge III trem, and I believe the RG350DX you linked does. The design of the trem itself is fine but it's made of cheap, soft metal which will wear out quickly under heavy use.
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2nd hand Ibanez Prestige.

Can you give me a link to the guitar? please.
Go to guitar centers used web site and typ it in. I saw a used Pestige S series(I think) for <$400
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Go to guitar centers used web site and typ it in. I saw a used Pestige S series(I think) for <$400

Ibanez definitely, but I agree a used Prestige S would be the way to go.
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Thanks for the suggestions guys I'm going to look into those prestige models
I'm going to look for them locally as well.
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