Hi guys,

I'm building yet another guitar, and just before falling asleep yesterday, I got this hairbrained Idea...

Would it be possible to wire 1 humbucker to 5-way selector, (probably a suerpswitch) to get the following combinations?

1. Series
2. Parallel
3. top coil only
4. bottom coil only
5. reverse phase

Would it be possible?I'm planning on an HSH, and I was thinking of wiring both my humbuckers that way, and having my humbuckers and my single coil wired to seperate volume and tone controls, using push-oull potmeters, to use them as killswitch.

I know it's crazy and my guitar will be filled with knobs, and I'm not even sure I'll do it (probably not). But I do have the space for it on my body, and I was just wondering if it would be possible...

thx guys, and I promise to post pictures once it's done X'D
Go post in Guitar Building and Customizing, this is definitely not the right forum.

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