hey in an effort to learn more music and enjoy the art, i bought my bass and bass amp and wanted know what you good folks on here thought. I want to learn all kinds of songs on bass, where as on guitar i stick to hard and alternative rock with some 80's hair band. below is what I bought and Im looking for any tips on slap and finger picking or pick picking to get me up to par and enjoying it.

Music Man Bongo 5 HH
Roland D Bass 210
Digitech bp355

Thoughts? thanks
Pretty wicked set up man. For myself, I play anything that interests me, everything from show tunes to 80's pop to blues, and metal. theres no one band I would suggest, just play it all.
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Nice first bass, dude; as for tips, as you're already a guitarist, using a pick and getting used to it, I'd just suggest using a thicker pick and messing around to get used to the difference in string spacing and whatnot, shouldn't be too hard of a transition. As for getting used to playing with just fingers, always start slow and work on proper technique, never try and rush into it; using just the index and middle finger you could just do basic walks with a 4/4 beat to get the feel of it and move from there, I also always suggest practicing using both picks and fingers to get used to using both on a regular basis as you can get many different tones and all that, whereas some will only stick with one or the other. With slap, I always suggest holding off a bit until a bass really feels comfortable in your hands, that's a technique I feel should never be rushed into just because it sounds cool or looks awesome or whatever; I think when most rush into trying that before having the other basics down, they develop a very sloppy technique or just butcher it all together. Also, try and get into the mind of a bassist before jumping in, playing guitar and playing bass aren't the same kind of playing.