Ok, now i have an old Lady luck guitar,not a schecter, but one from a company that was around in the late 80's. the wireing is all trashed, and im trying to figure out how to rewire it. it has a volume knob, tone knob, a 3 way toggle, and a 2 way toggle, with 2 single coil pickups.

Any help would be MUCH appreciated!
Wiring diagrams can be found easily on google or Seymour Duncan's website.

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i checked the site, and no luck. :P but i'll go back to it when i have some money and see if they can make me a diagram, if i cant figure it out before then.

well, thanks, guys. i've been searching since last May trying to figure out how to wire it. i figured out that the 3 way switch is for selecting pickups, but any idea what the 2 way one is for?
Thanks for the update; I didn't have the opportunity to browse all the diagrams on the site. I had just found it to be a nice resource in the past

Anyway--the simple answer sans-diagram (without knowing more about the guitar specifically) is this:

2 way toggle = tone = wired to pickups before the switch
3 way toggle = pickup selection = wired to volume after switch
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thanks for the help. i have something rough drawn up that might work. this thing is a weird setup. the 2 way is an on/on. how you are saying sounds about like i have it. im gonna try it, and see what happens.
well, i still couldnt get the 2 way to do anything, so im just gonna wire it like a telecaster and forget about the 2 way. :P
Hmmm...well I guess that's how it goes. Ever thought about wiring for a "killswitch" then?
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still haveing ground issues. I think what is left if my ground problem is in my 3 way. when you switch it its loose and sloppy.
Ok; so the 2 way switch is out. Got it. Can you breifly describe? Body ground? Volume ground?Bridge ground? How do you have it set specifically ( I know you said tele style).
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OK, I drew up a wire diagram, and have pics, but I have no idea how to upload them onto here.
Ok I'm back--try uploading them to Imageshack or some other online service, then click 'post reply' on this thread, and above the text box where you type your reply, click on the yellow square that looks like has a little mountain/sun image inside it, and insert the links to the pics
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