when I bought my fender jazz (mexican) bass, it had 2 hairline cracks up by the 2 bottom tuners. incredibly small. I've played it a few months and nothing changed.

I took it in for a setup and to be put in drop c. They're a bit bigger now, but haven't seemed to have changed. I can post pictures if needed.

Should i be concerned? I don't want to permanently wreck my bass. I probably wont be going to different tunings.

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I think we'll be needing some pictures. It's very hard to say whether it's a concern with the information offered.
are the cracks in the finish? that's pretty normal. if they're in the wood that's usually not a good thing

worst case scenario, GFS necks are really nice and only cost about $50 shipped
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It's not all the way through, but I dont know if it's finish or not lol. The tuners cover most of the back
Here's a pic with my iphone 4S, a pretty good camera

It is hard to tell if that is in the finish. The next time you are in the shop, have a good tech look at it and listen to what he or she says. Cracks can often be stabilized by injecting epoxy into them, but you want it done right or you get an ugly mess. For now, don't sweat it.
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