Hey guys, I seem to be stuck in terms of improving...
The brick wall as the others seem to call it
I enjoy bands such as Avenged Sevenfold, Trivium, Bullet for my Valentine, Iron maiden, Children of bodom, a fair range of bands in the "metal" category
My problem is that I only learn segments of a song and just leave it... Is this why I am not improving? what other songs would you recommend I learn? I am looking to improve Whammy bar (floyd) techniques, finger isolation (need more finger control) Thanks

Oh and I have been playing for a year and a half, So I am not a very good player, I can just play the beast and the harlot solo, except for one bit ;(
Musician Talk would probably be a better place to post this.

You've only been playing a year and a half. You're still very new to guitar.

There's certainly nothing wrong with learning other songs. This is how we learn to play and a big part of creating our own chops.

I am going to recommend something you weren't expecting. I recommend you learn the notes on the neck of your guitar. As you're learning that, start working on your scales. The thing is, we don't want to get locked into playing just a scale - and we don't want to get locked into playing in one small section of the fretboard. By learning your notes, you earn your wings and freedom, so that the entire fretboard is your playground.

Learning finger control is a matter of lots of practice. There are exercises you can do. I'm not going to go into them here, but I'll tell you they involve using all four fingers and playing up and down the neck.
Nice name drops -- I like your style

And bump to KG6_Steven. Man, I did exactly like you did, playing bits and pieces of a song and then leaving it. It really was more or less because I was new; not much of a "player". I skipped over all the technical practice, just started playing; it wasn't until I went back and really focused on the things that he mentioned that I found I could break through it. It gives you what you need to really improve that just playing and memorizing tabs doesn't.
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I sure will! And by no means I am not a metal head! I like to play other things outside the metal genre.. however, I never was into jazz when I end up improvising, I just use one scale on the same frets and I have noticed that my solos sound all the same
I improved alot when I started to play/learn the entire song.
I think the things you'll get most benefit from working on are bending control, vibrato and phrasing. They are the keys to sounding great when soloing and they are things you can always get better at. It might be no harm to do some nice alternate picking exercises and sweeping stuff but if you don't think you'll use them then don't. I see guys working hours on doing chromatics alternate picked but that's not something that I do because I'll never use it.
I'd also recommend getting a good few backing tracks or better still a looper. Having a looper means you can write a backing quickly in whatever key and tempo you need and you can start to write solos or do exercises over it. It's really good because I find I get stuck playing the same kind of things over backing tracks I have after a few plays through.
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