Started playing guitar again last year after a 25 year break and have been posting songs on youtube since last April. Just finished a Alice in Chains cover recently and thought I would share everything I've recorded so far.

Black Sabbath - Children Of The Sea
Neil Young - L.A.
Neil Young - Campaigner
Alice In Chains - Your Decision

The two Neil Young songs I played all the instruments and attempted to sing. Black Sabbath and Alice In Chains were both guitar covers only, made with backing tracks from guitarbackingtrack.com.
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Your decision sounds really close to the original, good job

The NY ones were good. Excellent tones from the spider, you seem to know that it's how you use your gear, not what you have. The vocals were decent for an attempt, but if you love to sing, sing and don't care about about what anyone thinks about. Neil's been doing that for nearly 50 years. Dylan doesn't give a shit about what people think of his voice either. I really like the tones on L.A.

Great tones and playing on the Sabbath cover.

Overall, you did great! You should go play some open mics and enjoy yourself playing covers, you have a knack for it. If you aren't totally comfortable singing, find a singer and preform as a duo.
Thanks for the comments and encouragement tukk04. I've been thinking about going to an open mic sometime and doing a couple of Townes Van Zant songs. If I do I'll be sure to video and share it here.
Commented on your video page. Great job man.
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Go into Guitar Center and tell them you are willing to spend $3000 on as many Spider and MG half stacks as they can give you.