I've owned quite a few basses now, and now I'm looking forward to buying a bass for solo tapping stuff. Examples: Zander Zon, Evan Brewer, etc. Basically, the stuff where I play everything alone, without any looping or anything. What I want is a bass that would fit those needs, have 5 or 6 strings (preferrably 6) and be around 1000-1200$ in price.

I've been looking at:
- ESP LTD B-1006/1005
- Ibanez BTB776PB
- ESP LTD D-6 (it's cheaper, but then I could buy some new gear too)

Can anyone help me with tips or suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
I don't have too much knowledge of those particular basses but I do know that you'll probably want something with a flat radius fingerboard so you can get your action as low as possible. Look into some of the offerings from Spector and Warwick.
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The Bromberg B25S starts at a little over a grand and goes up from there, depending on how you want to customize it. Click the "guitar builder" icon on the right and see all of the options available. they're mind-boggling.
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I've been playing touch style for the better part of 20 years and here is what I've come to know:

I've had several Ibanez, a couple Rics, Westone (lol), Warmoth, Spector, Fender, Epiphone and a few I can't think of right now. Some I had set up, some I set up, ect and none were really "right " for tapping. They ended up okay at best. When I was playing them, they seemed awesome but I didn't really have a great point of reference.

There really aren't basses that are "tapper" basses (Bunker might have one, but I've not seen it). A bass can be set up to be a tapper though. It really is all about the set up. A not-so-radiused instrument would serve you best, that much is certain. Very little is any relief in the neck would be preferred and almost necessary. The lowest action possible and a fret job (crown and polish, level and dress) would really pay off. All that stuff is not usually done at the factory unless you get something really nice. You might also think about a mute for the open strings. A hair tie works pretty well for that. The soft side of velcro stuck to the fretboard under your strings would RAWK for that.

Have you thought about a "touch guitar" such as a Chapman Stick, Warr guitar, Bunker or something from Krappyguitars.com? They are instruments that are built to be tapped on. They are from 6 to 14 strings (that I've seen) and can be tuned in most any way you want.

I mean, if you are gonna commit to tapping to the tune of $1200, you are serious about it. Kevin @ Krappy Guitars will build you just about anything you want and probably be well within your price range. He's kinda new to the game but I like what I've seen. If you want the O.G. tapper, get a Chapman Stick. www.Stick.com They were 1st... 1972 I think. I have a stick, I love it. I'd rather play it than anything. I've been a bassist a LOT longer than I've played stick but my stick allows me FAR more freedom.

All in all, if you want an instrument to tap on, I suggest getting one that is designed to tap on.

Ps. If you happen to get one, be SURE to get some instructional material. If you get a used one, send it back to whoever made it for some love so you are sure that it plays properly. Your local guitar repair guy probably hasn't ever touched one and wouldn't know what was right. You might also think about skype lessons with someone awesome like Bob Culberson or Greg Howard.

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I'll second the idea of the Spector. I have a Euro 6 string and after a good set up and preamp change (the tonepump preamp in the Spector leaves a lot to be desired imho) is tappable and fairly expressive.
BTB 1006 and 1005 have shimmable necks
BTB 405QMBL and 406QMTB as well and they are beautiful, hardware finish has much to be desired.
Same with 455 and 456, and the only nice color is Black.

Ibanez messed up the woods from that point on, and in going to Neck Through, they lost me as the action cannot be lowered to sub 1mm High and sub 2mm low.

ibanez needs to seize the opportunity to set the Modern Standard and produce the Modern Bass form with Classic Presentation, Quilted and Figured Maple.

I think they have screwed the pooch. beyond the 450 series.
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