Hey UGers, after some down time of not-too-serious guitar playing, I'm really looking into further developing my skills and getting back into practicing everyday. This has brought up the much talked about 'problem' of anchoring your picking hand. Although now I am no longer anchoring per se, when picking the lower strings I do tend to have my pinky and ring finger resting against the guitar body. I'm not exerting pressure and as I move to the top strings my fingers come away. After watching some videos about anchoring, I've been trying to not touch the guitar body at all. My question is, is my original technique okay because I'm not really anchoring, my fingers just feel more comfortable there. Thanks for any input you guys can give.

TLDR; my ring and pinky rest against the guitar body but I don't put pressure its just comfortable because I used to anchor when I first started. Is this okay?
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If it's not restricting your movement or causing extra tension in your hand and/or arm then it's fine.
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Yeah thats what I was thinking but I wanted some input. I don't find it restrictive and I've always payed special attention to unnecessary tension.

If anyone else wants to put in their opinion/thoughts feel free.
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If it works for you it works Some fellow musicians have told me that they feel this actually aids their speed and accuracy. Others have told me the same and added that they felt they were able to take that development of speed and accuracy to the next level by learning to curl in their pinky, resting and anchoring with the knuckly.

To sum all that up, I'm of the personal opinion when it comes to this issue, if it ain't broke don't fix it
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