I have a Ibanez Talman TCM50 Acoustic-Electric. It recently fell off a wall hanger and one of the tuning machines was broken off. It appears I can't purchase 1 tuning machine. Was considering an upgrade to some that will help keep it in tune better.

Any recommendations?
I hear good things about grovers, and schallers.
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Any particular models? Also..where is the best place to order them from?
These guys are pretty good. Make sure to get tuners that are the correct orientation (3+3, or 6 inline) that are the right size, If I were you I'd take my old ones out and measure them to make sure they were the proper size, then go on their website and click on either the schaller or grovers, pick the ones you like for the correct orientation and size and you should be good to go.
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Can't go wrong with grovers. Rotomatic 18:1. Check them out on eBay.
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Can you take a photo of the back of the headstock and post it?
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Can't go wrong with grovers. Rotomatic 18:1. Check them out on eBay.

schallers have died on me twice.

i have had more Grovers on guitars than anything else and they have never failed me.
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