Hi, i'm Alejandro. I am from Costa Rica
I'm a guitar player and i am starting a band with another guitarrist called Jean Carlo. We both play same fast, and i know how to do Sweep Picking
We're looking for a fast bassist with good skills that knows how to growl for the secondary vocals.
And we are looking for a Drummer. We want a killing machine that knows how to play ****ing fast breaks and that knows how to play doble pedal bass drum very fast.
My Influences are: _Kreator, Sodom, Sepultura, Tankard, The Big 4, Death, Carcass, Obituary, Demencia [Crossover band from Costa Rica], D.R.I., Overkill, Nargaroth and some more bands
We need someone from San Jose, and it would help if you're from Guadalupe, but that's not necessary. We need someone OVER 14 YEARS OLD
If You're Interested, just send a message to my UG profile or send me an e-mail to amonteroq21@hotmail.com
Thank You.
Hola soy Alejandro , de Costa Rica
Soy un guitarrista y estoy empezando una banda con otro guitarrista llamado Jeank.
Los 2 tocamos igual de rápido y yo hago un poco de Sweep Picking.
Buscamos un bajista Rápido y técnico que sepa hacer growl para las voces secundarias [NO ES NECESARIO]
Buscamos un baterista. Queremos un monstruo con breaks mortales y un doble pedal rápido.
Mis influencias son:_Kreator, Sodom, Sepultura, Tankard, The Big 4, Death, Carcass, Obituary, Demencia, D.R.I., Overkill, Nargaroth y otras bandas
Es necesario que sea alguien de San José. Ayudaría mucho si fuera de Guadalupe.
Necesitamos a alguien MAYOR DE 14 AÑOS
Si están interesados, mándeme un mensaje a mi perfil de UG o un e-mail a amonteroq21@hotmail.com.
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