So I have a Traynor YCV50 that I converted into a head so I can play it out of whatever cab instead of the built in 12". I play it out of whatever cab is available/appropriate at the time (2x12, 4x12, 6x10) but on my 6x10 the lead channel is always way quieter than the clean channel. It never does this with any other cab, but it's fixable by just turning that channel's volume way up, but I thought it was just weird that now this channel has to be at 9 while the clean is at 5 for them to be balanced.

I don't know why this would happen with only this cab. The only thing I can think of is maybe the impedance (4 ohms)?

The speaker that it was originally hooked to is 8 ohms, but the manual says the amp has a 4 ohm minimum. Also, you can buy an 8 ohm extension cab and plug it right in so it would have a total of 4. ALSO also, I emailed Traynor and asked what is up: 4 or 8 ohms? They told me it does both just fine.

1. Why could one channel be so much quieter only on this cab?

2. Does it sound legit that my tube amp can freely accept loads between 4 and 8 (no switch)? I don't think I'm going to doubt Traynor's words I've just never heard of this.

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Some amps play nice with different loads, and as you said, the manufacturer of the amp probably has a little bit of an idea on what it can handle. As far as why it is quieter, perhaps that speaker cab has a noticeable difference in eq curve, making it seem quieter?

I experienced this on an old Sonic brand cab, the dirt channels of my amps would disappear because of the incredible mid scoop of the speakers.
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