So I got pretty tired of a "modern" sound, and I'm looking to upgrade to a good old Marshall. Recently, I saw a JCM 900 for quite a bargain. Now, before you jump out of your seats, that Marshall is a REAL bargain, and if I sell my current Peavey and add a bit more dough, there's a chance I could get it - others are WAY out of my price range.

Please keep in mind that what I'm looking to hear is your opinions on the upgrade I'll be making from my Valveking, more precisely, is that jcm REALLY that far behind other Marshalls when it comes to perceivable sound quality (bolding that one because I'd like to avoid the infamous diode clipping debate). Because I won't be getting anything better any time soon, I live in Serbia, and amps are expensive here, both new and used. There's also a very limited choice in terms of brands, but that's another story.

Now comes the tricky part - what I play. It's mostly Metallica, old school. I also very much enjoy G'n'R, Motorhead, ZZ Top, and such. Basically, all Marshall users, more or less. Now, I know that I can't get all of that stuff from a jcm 900, but I'd be a very, very happy guitarist if I could squeeze out that good old trash metal noise we all know and love. Plus I'd like to know how well it would perform for those other bands I named (probably nothing to write home about, but I'm not aiming to nail them perfectly, just to sound decent).
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I think that it wouldn't be the worst amp for the job, but I do think that the 900 has a "harsh" edge to it that is more suited to punk than thrash, really. You can easily remove the diodes from the signal path by clipping them ( Cathbard could help with this), but I understand if you don't want to go messing around inside of an amp.
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