This is my first time writing bass tabs. This is an original creation, and I'm not sure about how it will sound with the guitar, so I'll include the guitar tab.

e| Not used
B|Not used
G| Not used

G| Not used

So basically my first attempt at writing for bass in any of my songs. I don't have a bass guitar, obviously because then I could find out how it sounds, but I appreciate other's help.
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Edit I can't seem to fix: the bass tab has what looks like a chord. It is not a chord, everything is a single note.
Solution: Download a tab-to-midi software (i.e. guitar pro), type it in, see if you like the sound.

Also, use the tags for typing tabs on the forums. Either that or use Courier New font. [tab] doesn't do anything.
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How did you write this bassline? Did you sing it, or did you hear it in your head? Your tab is very unclear what you want to be played, rhythm-wise.

I left you a PM, btw.
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