So i was just using a dremel to grind down the screw holes on this single coil pickup and the dremel slipped... and the copper wire around the pickup got shredded and im wondering if theres an easy fix if its even possible to fix.

heres a photo of what happened: http://i.imgur.com/9gNdo.jpg
you are going to have to have the pickup re-wound or you will have to buy a new one.
Cheers guys looks like i'm going to have to buy a new one, my wallet's not going to like this!
Straight up.

That pickup is now fuqued.

Complete rewind, or buy new.

Be more careful next time.
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Quote by LeviMan_2001
Doubt it. You may be able to pull all the cut windings off until you come to an unbroken lead and reconnect that. Looks like your output would be considerably cut.

this..it is fixable but won't sound the same
actually have you wired it up to see if it still works??? I have done the same thing before (not a bad as that) and it worked fine afterwards so it might pay to check before you do anything else