I have a guitar with 2 humbuckers, 2 volumes, 2 tones (with push-pull for split on each pup) and a 3-way switch. I am interested in installing the P-Rails set from Seymour Duncan and I have some questions (bear with me cause I am kinda noob with wiring options )

1. When using the split option can I choose which coil (the single or the P90) gets chosen on each pup individually? e.g. I want the single coil to be active when split on the bridge and the p90 to be active on the neck.

2. Is there a way to be able to choose between p90/sc/hb AND bridge/neck/both? What mods are going to be necessary?

Thanks for your help
Well, what a surprise...Seymour Duncan have a complete wiring diragram that answers all your questions.

If I were planning on spending that much on pickups I think I'd have had a very good look at the manufacturer's website first, maybe checked out the specs and stuff.

Apologies for the grumpiness. It'd be nice if people did a little bit of their own research (i.e. used google) every now and then. Cases like this where the answers can be found on the manufacturer's product page are just plain lazy. Being a n00b does not excuse laziness.

In short: yes, you can do everything you want with the hardware already in your guitar.

PS: You're welcome.
Thanks a lot I did do a bit of researching on my own about wiring but google most of the time directed me to the generic portion of SD's site (one you submit a form to get the diagrams) and not your pdf. My google-fu was weak. Thanks again.