Hi guys - I've been in and out of a few bands in various positions - bassist, vocalist, rythym guitar etc.

I'm looking to get a little band going - mainly just for funsies - get a few pub gigs etc, nothing too heavy, as I have lots of other commitments in my life!

I've been listening to a lot of Reuben lately, and frankly it'd be pretty easy to learn a set list full of their songs, they're pretty damn good and would go down well in any pub with a penchant for rock bands.

So I'm looking for people who would want to get into doing something like that! My plan is to start out just doing the covers to get out and play, because playing in front of people is like a drug for me! From there though I'm quite happy to work on original material.

I can play either bass or guitar for this project, and I'd be happy to do vocals, but ultimately would prefer to do backing, but what the hey - I did main vocals before, I can do it again!

Ideally looking for people aged 20+ with their own gear/transport, but the age isn't strictly important if you're the right person!
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