Just got the bugera 6262 infinium with the HB g212 vintage cabinet.
The problem is that I get a really annoying hum when my FX loop is connected. Me and my friend sorted out that it was probably a transformer interfering with the cables since moving the cables as far as possible from the left side of the amp (looking at the front side) kinda fixed it, but in a gig situation I wouldnt want to put some weird constructions up to distance the cables as much as possible from the amp. The cables are quality and I tried different ones too so swapping them out wouldnt fix it. Everything else seems totally ok with the amp. What also worked was when I put my ISP decimator gstring to fx loop with really short cables, but sadly this setup wont work for me since I have other pedals too.

Is it a common problem or do I just have a faulty amp?
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Sounds like something is wrong. My 333 never had any issues like that.
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It's possible the preamp tube that runs the effects loop has gone bad. Replace it with a new one and see if that helps (costs around 12-15 bucks for a new one).

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Putting the cables on one side makes the hum so unnoticable at high volumes that it doesnt matter, but I have a new problem.

Im getting sick high pitched squeal on relatively low volumes and gain. I even sent the amp back to thomann, but they said it was ok. suddenly their stock went empty (or maybe i did get their last 6262) and instead of getting a new amp, I got a refund. bought the same 6262 infinium from another german shop. Cant test it at higher volumes, but seems like this one has the same problem, but atm I can only test it at a small apartment and it might be cause im too close or whatever. Currently it went to feedback at vol 4 and gain 4 even when I had my hand on the strings muting them. I didnt have that much of a problem on an engl fireball e625 even gain at 5+ and volume at 6 or so. Im quite sure that my cables are quality. The guitars I use are schecter blackjack atx 7string with blackouts and bc rich stealth with xn2
Volume on 4?

In a small room?

Sure you don't just need a noise gate?

I'd do a tube roll like 311 stated... past that in a small room feedback may normal and you might need a noise gate.
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Ive got isp decimator gstring, but even that didnt really help since I had to set it so high it would eat the ends of my notes. My room is quite small (3m wide or so and Im playing next to the amp) and the rehearsal room is kind of a regular or even bigger sized when compared to an average rehearsal room. Ill try the preamp tube stuff. thx for advice. Id really like this amp to work since I do like the sound and looking at other videos of the amp, people dont have problems like this. The price/sound ratio is just too good :p
Not if you can't use it.
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See, it's important that people clarify when they say "metal", because I pretty much always assume they are a Cannibal Corpse fanboi.
my squeal didnt sound like a microphonic tube. gonna go test it at high volumes now.
Tested it out at even lower volume than I thought I previously had used (vol 2.5, gain 5 - damn loud amp ) and still got feedback. It seems I didnt check it with other guitars properly enough since today my friend's ax-50 didnt have any feedback. Ergo the problem is with my schecter blackjack atx c-7 and its seymour duncan blackouts and I wasted 2 months sending amps back and forth. How easy it is to identify what the real cause of feedback on the guitar is?
Try new battery?

Could be a grounding issue. Schecter doesn't have the greatest pots, switches and solder points. I know, I have one.

Does the squeal go away (or made less) when you touch the strings (like a mute)?

There is a ground wire that should be soldered to something solid - usually the trem block.


the squeal comes even when muting strings, although it's more likely to come without muting. the pitch of the squal is high and everchanging
Cant really test it at home since I live with 3 other people and those volume levels would not make them happy. Also, The room is much smaller and Id have to stand basically in front of the amp.

E: tried at home and got some angry room mates and it still squaled. holding the pickup down stopped it. Would tons of more foam under it fix it? there was foam under it bh default and I put an extra piece when i first encountered the feedback problem, but this 1 strip didnt help at all.
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