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ive made a bunch of songs, but recently i decided to go out and get a pair of monitor headphones. They are great! so i made a new song

can you guys rate it and give me constructive criticism?
also, the song is very simple, very very simple. i was practicing on getting many instruments in the same song, because, before, they would always seem to sound jumbled up and clashing no matter what i did.

every instrument is a real instrument (no midi)
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also, i had to record the drums sepperate from the cymbals, since i only have one mic and i want it to be two layers so i can EQ them sepperately
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The recording sounds okay, especially the drums, but your mixing needs work. The guitars are way too quiet, and the overall mix is too bassy. Try referencing your mix (comparing it to other songs with mixes you like) against multiple songs, on a range of different speakers (headphones, monitors, earbuds, car stereo, etc) once you think you're "done".
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Quote by aroyy

i made it a litte different. hows this?

That's still very bassy. Also, no cymbals?

It's almost like there's no low pass (or the low pass isn't set right), so the guitar and the bass occupy some of the same range at times. That's not good.
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