My band and I just released our newest EP Insight on Bandcamp and im really interested in some criticism!!

the whole EP has quite a bit of variety so the feedback would be amazing!!

Were also currently looking for a Bassist so if you happen to be in the glendale/phoenix/avondale AZ area feel free to PM me


my favorite tracks would be "Hope In Hands" "Dynasty" & "Euphoria"

looking forward to hearing your guys' opinions!!
That sounds really good, i really liked dynasty.
Also, the part in Moments of Eternity at 1:30 was ****ing great!
Charlie and Some People Age Backwards are propably the songs i liked the most.

I dont really like breakdowns/beatdowns but at least you dont have that much clean singing so that makes up for it :p

Keep at it and keep the tempo up

Check out my band if you got time!
Godless Angels, Die and Rope of Redemption would be good songs to start with.