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I play rock, hard rock, and metal. Never been a huge pedal guy but now I'm looking for some pedals that will give some really wild effects/tones that you don't hear very often, especially for solos. Obviously something like the Whammy can make some unique tones but that's a famous pedal. I've also stumbled across the Zvex's Fuzz Factory pedal and the rest of the Zvex line that are pretty unique. Anything (distortion pedals?) that makes your guitar sound something like a steel factory being hit by lighting & exploding, or something that mimics feedback sounds would be cool LOL.

So any suggestions?
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Anything from Subdecay.
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Blackout Effectors have pedals that run gamut between usable and practical, all the way up to outrageous (Crystal Dagger).

Dwarfcraft Devices is another that has pedals that are out there.

Death by Audio has some pretty neat effects too. In which case, you'll want to get a Total Sonic Annihilation for effect madness.
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WMD Geiger counter is a pretty cool distortion pedal. For regular guitar sounds a lot of it is unusable, but for guitar madness its probably exactly what you're looking for.
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Any delay pedal plus an expression pedal adjusting delay time and/or number of repeats. Play a note and go crzy and you will be suprised with the tones that come out of your amp
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The pitch pirate is pretty unique, I sold my Geiger counter as I spent more time dialing it in than playing it, the death by audio robot is similiar but simplified, the midi mOlten voltage plugs into your whammy and works as a sequencer, any ring modulator can sound crazy, the ehx sitar emulator, zvex sonar does great stutter effects, the danelectro French toast is an epic cheap fuzz/octave fuzz that glitches in chords while in octave mode, lots of crazy stuff is more about combos of pedals and unconventional ordering. Mixing filters with things can be interesting, the crowther prunes and custard is good but better on base, running an a/b simultaneously can yield awesome results or playing with dirt that you can mix in clean like the voodoo labs sparkle drive or the bass big muff. Also proco rat!! Not because it's crazy but because I wouldn't feel right making this many reccomendations without mentioning him.