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I was thinking of buying a fuzz box, but I want to get good use out of it, what 60s and 70s guitarists use them?
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Srsly though TS. Hundreds of artists use fuzz boxes. What are you trying to achieve with it, sound wise?
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All of them.

Pretty much this. Fuzz is everywhere and can have a varying sound. The ones that come to mind right off the bat, though, are:

Jimi Hendrix (Fuzz Face, Octavia)
Jimmy Page (Tonebender)
David Gilmour (Big Muff, Fuzz Face)

I could be wrong, though, so if anyone knows anything to the contrary by all means let me know...
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And pedals!

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Jimmy page, jimi hendrix, jack white. They're my favourite fuzz users.
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Awesome. Just been put on the waiting list for a Sola Sound Tonebender MKII. However, the waiting time is 18 months...