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So i've got this math test and havent practised at al. Its about the sinusfunction. So any pitters have some last minute advise?
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Good job it's not an English exam.

EDIT: also I assume you mean the sine function? Piece of piss yoof
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My paranasal sinuses were blocked. Life's a bitch, eh
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Quote by jhymadesh
So any pitters have some last minute advise?

Yep, only the weak let life get on top of them
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It's over simplified, So what!

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Well, I'm in education transitioning into field experience. I'd have to say in this situaiton, you should seduce your teacher
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Quote by jhymadesh
So i've got this math test and havent practised at al. Its about the sinusfunction. So any pitters have some last minute advise?

Bring some tissues. xD xD
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Do you have any specific questions? Cause you're probably going to get more useful responses if you ask for help with something, rather than an entire section of math... Like where do you even want people to begin to help you?

Okay, advice time: get high (maybe). I went to... 99% of my precalc classes high as a kite senior year, because **** it, I had senioritis and bud. Anyway, that would make me even less in the mood to do math at 7:30 AM, so I kind of didn't do shit. But sometimes I'd do shit and get A's. But yeah, I completely stopped paying attention the last month of school and failed the final... Passed the class didn't get unaccepted into college, and that's all that mattered. Point here: weed did not help me here with math... However, I had to take a calc readiness test before orientation, and completely forgot until a couple days before, when I was high. Took it and got a placement score for the higher level calc. So weed did help me there! Or it just didn't **** me up too badly. XD

But yeah, do what you want.
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Just get to it.
Obviously you won't have time to go over everything, but just figure out what the most important things are and memorise them. Do a few problems. I dunno what level you're at but I was pretty lazy all the way through school and managed to get A* in every maths exam up to A level, and a C in further maths, through last minute stuff. So don't panic. Just do what you can, and when you're in the exam, scan over the questions and start with the ones you think you can do.

Now gtfo UG and go and do it.