'Sup guys, so I've been looking into 7 string guitars for quite some time now and can't decide what to get. Soloing is as important for me as rhythm playing and I'm really stuck in between getting a 25,5'' and a 26,5''. I'm pretty sure I'd want to tune lower than a standard BEADGBE, atleast the 7th string, but I've heard that if you tune a 25,5'' lower than that, the low strings sound muddy. This is such a headache. I swear if I had the money I'd get a baritone for the rhythm stuff and a regular for soloing. How do you guys tune your guitars? How do they feel, play, sound? Feel free to post any sound/video clips.
I've got a 26.5" scale guitar which I tune down to G. I think it is perfectly reasonably suited to that role.

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You can tune to G no problem on a 25.5" guitar. I've owned 25.5, 26.5, and 27. I like 26.5 a lot, super comfy for the higher registers too because of the added spacing between frets. Personally I would go with whatever I find the comfiest, not what you've read on forums as 80% of the time its some kid that has no idea how to set his guitar up properly telling you that you need a 28" scale length for anything below B.
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