Hello, I am using an and a Vypyr 30W and play mostly Metal. (Metallica/Sabaton/Firewind etc.)

The CAP pickups on the Ibanez although they give an alright tone when playing alone, when I play along with a song they sound a little muddy and not as good as my EMG loaded guitar did.
So I am thinking of upgrading them and what I want to focus on matter of tone is nice palm-mute tone (Master of Puppets style), and also nice leads with good sustain.

I've heard DiMarzio pickups are great for Ibanez guitars(my first Ibanez) and was looking at either D-Activator X or Super Distortion sets.

1) Which one would fit better my style and why?
2) What is the difference between these pickups?
3) Will these pickups work correctly with my guitar's 5 way switch shown below?

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1.) The D-Activators will be closer to the EMG's in your other guitar than the Super Distortions, although, definitely not the same.
2.) The D-Activators were Dimarzios solution to the active pick-up market without making actual active pickups, where as the Super Distortions were supposed to be a hotter version of the Seymour Duncan Distortions, IIRC. The Dimarzio website gives EQ listings of each pickup which can show this.
3.) Properly wired, either will work if you follow wiring schematics available through the search function, or if you have a capable local guitar tech.

However, why not consider EMG's if you like them already? There are wiring schematics for 5-way systems if you get the TW series, or you can switch to a 3-way switch for reasonably cheap - all depending if you know a good local guitar tech.

Something tells me that you won't be missing the parallel or inner-coil settings too much if you are playing Metallica.
Thanks for the reply. I want to go with passives on this guitar.

I am still not sure which of the two would give me the best tone, let me put it that way:
Which of these pickups produce a more similar tight tone like the Master of Puppets rhythm and which is better for clean lead/solos?

Also which neck DiMarzio would you recommend? similar to EMG 60 tone.
Ibanez RG821 + Ibanez TS9
Peavey Vypyr 30 + Sanpera

My song covers on YouTube