early 2013 i heard? anybody got the date? or has it leaked? Stone Sour is boss
think its out in feb?
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Quote by Shredx
think its out in feb?

i hope soon, i heard April but idk....
The first single called "do me a favor" will be released on feb 12. the whole album somewhere in april.
Quote by xXLeviathan69Xx
The first single called "do me a favor" will be released on feb 12. the whole album somewhere in april.

April is definitely looking like the date to hit for the new album. As a fairly strict "metal elitist" I was pleasantly surprised by the results of House Of Gold and Bones Part 1. Roadrunner Canada is having a sale through Itunes to snag some Stone Sour tunes. Hit it up:

Stone Sour – Audio Secrecy - https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/audio-secrecy/id381876590
Stone Sour – Come What(Ever) May - https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/come-what-ever-may/id214472963
A bit off topic, but I haven't really liked much of what they've done since Come Whatever May. Maybe I just outgrew their music though.
HoGaB 2 will be out April 9th and Do Me A Favor is out today! So awesome of a track. They really connect the songs together especially with Do Me A Favor and I heard that the bridge from Absolute Zero is going to be in a new song on HoGaB 2.

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Stone Sour's guitar team, Josh Rand and Jim Root, were recently interviewed at length by the guitar site Fret12.com; in the clip above, they discuss their gear in detail, taking you through their live setup, their favorite guitars, pedals and amps, and much more. Any guitarists will find this an interesting video well worth their attention.

Traveling through his new reality, the Human stumbles across an unlikely ally. But with the zombie like Numbers hounding their steps, they must make some unusual choices to avoid capture in an unknown world, with troubling consequences. But can the Human really trust his new friend’s advice and find his way home again?


And...last but not least, pre-order for the album:

Stone Sour have released a teaser for their upcoming "Do Me A Favor" music video, which you can watch above. The clip was directed by Phil Mucci, who's previously delivered awesome, psychedelic videos for High On Fire's "Fertile Green," Pig Destroyer's "The Diplomat," and Opeth's "The Devil's Orchard."

All of those have been absolutely phenomenally received videos in the metal community.

The new album is quick approaching to drop on April 2nd!