Hi! This is my first post in the forums.

I need help with this matter. Just healed from a severe tendonitis (3 years long, take care with your hands!), so i investigated a lot about correct technique, It seems like is recommended to keep the wrist straight all the time, maybe a little bent when really needed. It makes sense, but it feels more natural and easy to bend on the 5º and 6º string, specially on powerchords. But looking at shredder videos lots of them bend their wrist in bizarre angles (75/90º and seems to be ok for years without any RSI. For example:

youtube .com/watch?v=o-H72ECeZBs

Im paranoid? Do i really need to correct this in order to keep the wrist healthy?

Thanks too much and sorry for wall of text!
You always want to keep your wrist as straight as possible.
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