Recently, I just got a Jackson Pro Series Dinky DK2S. It met all my wants and needs for owning and playing a guitar, which is a great thing A bought it from a local music store, Long & McQuade and I'm guaranteed a free set up wit the purchase of any new instrument. I'd really like to change the strings and experiment with a new sound I was thinking about Elixirs or something that'll last a couple months. Any suggestions?

This guitar does have a double locking Floyd Rose trem. and I'm not really suppose to change the tuning/set-up often, so I'd like a pair of strings that you know would be worth it.

Thanks a lot for the suggestions, I hope to make a final decision.
Congrats on the axe, I just got a Jackson seven string myself.

Just pick a brand of string and put them on. Strings won't change your sound and you'll get a variety of opinions on what strings sound better or last longer.

I use Ernie ball myself, but my new guitar came with XL's on it and they feel no different than the EB's to me.

Strings are cheap, so experiment and see what you like best.

Get whatever you feel like. Experiment, don't ask us, look at string brands and try out what you think would be good.

Seriously though, this is going to get locked.
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If you have a floyd rose and dont like to set it up, take coated strings, they will last longer
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