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Same idea as the last one. A rolling place to hype, enjoy, and bandwagon hop whatever new music floats/ed your ear-boats.

Let's go! Yo La is the only thing I've heard so far, but good stuff. Yup.
haven't listened to anything that cool yet this year but i am excited for paramore and lemuria.
Pete Swanson, Kurt Vile, and OCS are things I'm looking forward to, off the top.

I'm sure there are a handful of electronic and more folky things too, but not worth listing or thinking too hard about.
a lot of people don't like jimmy eat world ever since futures. i still do

i'm looking forward to what they plan on releasing this year

New Phoenix, MBV, Atoms for Peace, Sin Fang, maybe Beirut and the National, and those are just a few I can name of the top of my head. Should be a good year!
Muchas gracias for the new thread. I've already been listening to a ton of music this year. Good/great stuff that has come out/is streaming: "Fade" by Yo La Tengo, "Anything in Return" by Toro Y Moi, "Wash the Sins Not Only the Face" by Esben and the Witch, "Long.Live.A$AP" by A$AP Rocky, "" by This Town Needs Guns, and FIDLAR's self-titled.

Edit: Woops, didn't realize you'd already mentioned YLT.
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yellow loveless is really good if yr into the album on which its based. "when you sleep," "sometimes," and "what you want" are all incredible covers, a few of the songs are just the exact same and therefore pointless.

full disclosure though, the "touched" cover is a five minute wubstep voyage.
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New Alice in Chains and QOTSA I guess

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are they still doing music this year? no idea about any new releases or anything. i've been wasting my time listening to podcasts. got the new yo la tengo though. it's great. i was expecting a follow up to popular songs but it's more like ichthbao or atntiio. need to get that new old grouper, i'm sure it's lovely.
I'm finally heading to SXSW, and I just looked at the lineup. Kind of disappointing really. The only band that I know is Of Monsters and Men, and I don't care for them a whole lot.
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This year I am looking forward to new albums from

Arcade Fire
Arctic Monkeys
My Bloody Valentine
Atoms For Peace
Kool AD
Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Boards of Canada (A boy can dream can't he )

As for albums so far, I'm not really digging Asap Rocky's album, probably suffered from too much hype because of the delayed release. Foxygen album sounds like a straight rip from Rolling Stones but listening to the new MBV album know, its sounding good so far
My recommendations of albums I've heard since I posted last:
My Bloody Valentine - 'm b v' (duh)
Local Natives - 'Hummingbird' (Will have to listen to this more to get the full effect I think, but I've heard it like 3 times so far and I like it)
Tomahawk - 'Oddfellows' (Mike Patton!)
Jim James - Regions of Light and Sound of God (I'm not a big MMJ fan, and I've only listened to this once so far, I think it just came out today, but it seems pretty cool.)
The Joy Formidable - Wolf's Law (hook-y, guitar riff-y indie rock)
The History of Apple Pie - Out of View (admittedly, I'm only 3/5 of the way through this so far, but it's got some great, fuzzy hooks)
Foxygen was cool but tedious. UMO is probably my third favorite of the year, I dig them. 8)
I'll probably like UMO more if I listen to it more. I liked the first few songs quite a bit but I felt like the second half of the album kinda dropped off.
i've only heard it twice, but it didn't seem as immediate as their first album. i'm not real good at deciding how much i like an album after the first listen (which is what i did for most of those lol). :s
the new Grouper is pretty great, I thought. I listened to it yesterday having never listened to her before. I'd actually be interested in listening to more of her stuff.
The new(ish) Circle Takes The Square album is all kinds of awesome. I'll call it 2013, cause it got released digitally at the end of December after the end of "album season," and cause it hasn't gotten a physical release yet. Amazing progressive post-hardcore/mathcore FFO Between The Buried And Me and Code Orange Kids.
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I have to say I totally agree with you out of all the albums I've heard here so far. Disappointed with UMO, simply because it feels like they've dropped a level from their debut.
Also enjoyed Grouper having never previously heard her before, I would add her to the decent group.
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You'd probably really like Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill.

you were right! I thoroughly enjoyed this. I do kind of wish I could understand the lyrics better, but I guess that's really the style. she's really great though.

also, I just listened to the new Jim James. at first I was like "yeah, alright whatever," but by the fourth track it really took off for me. I thought it was really good. (I also like anybody who sounds very much like George Harrison.)
How have so many of you not heard Grouper before? Why are ya starting with this odds and ends collection?
i looked up a grouper song on youtube 'cuz everyone was fawning over them and it wasn't my thing. :v
I'd never heard Grouper before so I listened to the first four tracks from The Man Who Died In His Boat, and while I thought the songs were pretty, they didn't really hold my attention.
Woah, I also heard Grouper for the first time a day or two ago. Thought it was really cool but I wasn't in the mood for the whole thing. I'll look into it more later.
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I'm pretty sure I listened to Grouper once but I don't remember it at all so that means it wasn't that good probably.
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New Alice in Chains and QOTSA I guess

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhh.

Also new My Chemical Romance, Paramore, Frank Turner, Rise Against, and possibly some Sum 41 later in the year.