Interesting, but it looks very expensive. We shall see.
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Very cool, it especially makes more sense to have a rack style super-processor (a la axe FX) for bass considering it's more commonly DI'ed for recording or to a PA for shows than guitar.
Just get one of these and plug into a non powered 3 way Cabinet that has Flat Frequency Response.
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If I were to be picky, I'd prefer that the Multibass would be either 2Ohm capable, or just a preamp. Kinda annoying how there's so little 2Ohm amps on the market.

That being said, I may actually consider this. Slap it through a nice class D power amp and flat response speakers... Boom!
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Just waiting to see the price, I had a go on the 2x10 Markbass combo, at over £900 I considered it a bit expensive.

I went through Bass Pod XT pro some years ago and soon got over it, nice toys but not really practical or necessary for gigging but that's only my personal opinion.
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