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Hey guys so now that my bands starting to get gigs, i've decided I need a new amp.

Budget - $1000 AUD is the max i'd like to spend, I could push it up a little bit though.

Genres - My band plays some prog rock, some punk, think like some Coheed and Cambria, some old Green Day sort of thing. I need to have nice cleans though.

New or used - Either's fine, I have no preference here.

Home or gig - Well this amp would be for gigging mainly, at smallish venues like pubs or small stages. I just run my guitar through the line 6 PODX through my computer at home so i'm set for that.

Closest City - Live near Melbourne, Australia.

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Ok, get the JCA22H and a 412. It doesn't even have to be a good 412 honestly. You won't get pristine cleans through the Jet City, but I like the kind of dirty cleans. I would say get the 50 watt head model, but that would probably be pushing your budget.
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I would go for the Jet City's if you don't need anything but Clean/Crunch/Lead, but if you like time-based effects, then the fx loop on the JC's is not the best...

If you go for Jet City, their own cabinets are decent and not very expensive. 2x12 should be enough, but 4x12 is niiice...
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You could get a nice used Marshall for a grand.
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I got the JCA50H. I run it though either a 212 mesa (V30's) or a Randall with 212 Legends on top and a 115 legend on bottom.

It sounds killer through both cabs, but I do like the Randall a little better. I think the 115 really tames this amp.

I run od, delay, tuner, wah and a 10-band eq in front of this amp, and everything sounds fine. I am able to keep a good clean tone live with this thing, but tat may be a little harder on the JCA22H.
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As a warning, I'm not the best with Australian Prices or availability, but here goes nothing:

Marshall JCM2000 DSL401 or the DSL50/DSL100 and a cab
Jet City JCA50/JCA50H and a cab
EVH 5150 III 50w
Egnater Vengeance

Like the others have said, the Jet City cabs aren't too bad for a starter cab. I would go withthe JCA24S (the 2x12) to save you some space. A 4x12 isn't really necessary to start out with. They certainly look cooler, but it's going to be easier to start with a 2x12. Depending on budget and availability, you might be able to find a used Marshall 1936 cab, which are pretty nice cabs. Definitely better than the Jet City cab, but also a bit more expensive.

If you can get the Egnater or 5153, those are going tobe excellent options for what you want. If not, the DSL is probably second, with the Jet City coming in last.