http://s1076.beta.photobucket.com/user/foxdfive/media/guitarprojectblue_zps03d21fca.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0 I have a guitar body, which I thought was a strat, but its not. The strat pickguard shown in the foreground doesnt come close to fitting. Im sure this is an import of some kind, but regardless does anyone recognize this body. I do not want to have to cut a pickguard for it

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It actually looks similar to the old PRS EG body, but it is not because it is missing the horn contour
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Thanks everyone. I bought this from a factory closeout pretty cheap and a strat pick guard wouldnt fit. No doubt this is probably a factory buyout from Asia somewhere. It no doubt has the strat look but the horn on the bottom is shorter and the pickup and pots route is too small to get strat stuff into. I routed out the cavity and redesigned a pick guard for it. For me this is just a project guitar I have other guitars, but finding a pick guard that fit would have saved me some time and a few dollars, but Ill get something out of it.
It will be white with red sunburst when Im finished sanding it
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