NSFW or Kids!!!!!!!!!! Put on the headphones...

I would like to issue a blanket apology to all those I have offended with this politically incorrect song. Hope this saves you the trouble of writing and demanding my execution.

As usual I will crit any critter who crits my crap...


Your's excessively,

DWS, Esq.
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Tongue in cheek vocals hey? =D
The quality on production is well thought out, everything is clean and clear.
Was everything recorded by yourself? or was there some loops involved?
The song progresses pretty well, seemed rare that any motif or riff was used more than twice.
This needs a comedy vid on the youtubes.
Quote by Indy_Fire
Tongue in cheek vocals hey? =D

Was everything recorded by yourself? or was there some loops involved?

TONS of loops involved, more loops than not! I was more an arranger/producer than a instrumentalist on this one.

Thanks for the crit - YouTube might ban me!

At the beginning it sounds like a medley for a Hotel lounge ad. When the vocals starts however, it becomes clear that this is a new David Bowie/Les Claypool in the making. I like the slight prog-synthy thing about 3/4 into the song. It's not a deep song by any sort, but well made.
Interesting concept, haha.. Seems very new thinking to me, fun job!
I dig this. Aside from the explicit lyrics, parts of the song I could hear ending an episode of a show on FX. The intro made me think this was going to be some hipster techno song but you surprised me. Excited to hear other stuff.